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Antarctic Writer on Ice: Diary of an Enduring Adventure


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Author(s): Hazel Edwards

ISBN: 978-0-9871575-4-6

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Female expeditioner. A candid account of a working writer beset in the polar ice on her journey to Casey Station in Antartica.

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Antarctica has a mystique. Few have the opportunity to become one of the 'frozen chosen' who work there. Hazel Edwards was lucky enough to join them and see first hand the challenges - both physical and psychological - that the expeditioners face. When the resupply ship.'The Polar Bird' becomes beset in the ice, the author is confined with 34 men and 4 other women expeditioners, plus the crew. Her candid account is from the unusual viewpoint of an 'older' female who was a non- scientist. Based on e-mails, articles, interviews and observations, it is a unique view, of a working writer beset in the polar ice. 

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