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Cycling Solo: From Ireland to Istanbul


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Author(s): Hazel Edwards & Trevelyan Edwards

ISBN: 1-920785-92-2

A candid five month travel blog crafted with wry humour.

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All copies of 'Cycling Solo' are autographed by Hazel!

A perfect, personalised and unique gift for the avid adventurer, blogger or your own bookshelf.

Cycling Solo: Ireland to Istanbul explores five months of cycling solo across Europe. From Ireland to Istanbul via the UK, France, Germany, the Swiss Alps, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey, with 9000 kilometres of forgettable camp-sites , punctures, falls and random kindnesses inbetween, this is a journey worth sharing, particularly when told with such candour.

This quirky quest by an idiocyncratic writer has gained a cult following.Aimed at those interested in adventure travel and imaginative problem solving,  this book  appeals to backpackers, travellers and those who enjoy 'being there'. But the crafted short blog entries and ironic captions make it appealing for those who like a quick read.



Courtney McLennan
'Lots Wife' Monash University "confirms that the view from behind the handlebars is often far more enriching than from the bus seat...'a stunning journey and personal ‘quest,’ a fitting term which, as the co-author points out, is his ‘real middle name.’ 

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