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Houseworking:The UnSuperperson's Guide to Sharing the Load.


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Author(s): Hazel Edwards

ISBN: Houseworking

A great gift! Use humour to get others to do their domestic share. 

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A great gift! Use humour to get others to do their domestic share. Do 'Un-super' flat- mates, teenagers ,or partners, share your home? 'Houseworking' has strategies for domestic time and energy management.

Many households 'get by' with one person doing more than their share. This is a book about how to make a household work by sharing the housework. It assumes that all who help to mess it up, will help to clean it up, regardless of their gender, but takng into account their age and other obligations.

Many contemporary households are in transition, because of changes in employment hours, separation, blending  of families  and the arrival or departure of children, that attitudes towards the role of house-care-taker , need to change.

Houseworking; tells humorously about who might clean the floor, rather than how to.

This is a book about changing attitudes. 'Maximum effect with minimum effort is the aim'

Humour PLUS strategies for dealing with others who don't do their domestic share.

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