Adult Mysteries

Adult Mysteries

Celebrant Sleuth: I Do or Die

‘Wed Then Dead on The Ghan’ is a stand alone sequel script with asexual sleuth Quinn who is a celebrant solving mysteries at weddings and funerals.  Commissioned by ABC  as an audio script  written by Geoffrey Wright and Hazel Edwards, but not yet recorded due to Lockdowns. The setting of the outback Ghan train is authentic and a wedding has occurred beside the track, but the mystery is fiction. There will be further scripts starring Quinn in locations suitable for filming too.’ Celebrant Sleuth I Do or Die’ has a variety of mysteries which Quinn solves in regional locations.

Quinn, a celebrant with style and a few obsessions, but a good heart, solves quirky problems , mysteries and the occasional murder.


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March 8th  International Women’s Day

Hazel Edwards OAM to give keynote at Echuca Regional Library.

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