Hazel Edwards

“Creativity is the fun of putting
together unexpected ideas”

Adventure Writing

From Antarctica to Istanbul, these titles provide first hand accounts of modern day adventures. If you are interested in pursuing your own adventure writing, 'Non Boring Travel Writing' can help you craft your words and ideas.

Literary Tourism;  This is about being a traveller-reader.

Sports fiction writing for young readers can utilise adventurous settings - download  writing junior sports fiction

Antarctic Writer on Ice

Cycling Solo.
Ireland to Istanbul

Non-Boring Travel Writing 

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Events & Appearances 2022

Private online mentoring 'Complete Your Book in a Year' 

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PROV 'Complete Your Book in a Year' starts on first Friday of each month, 10am-1pm. North Melb Archives.

Flexibility to go online.


1st  PROV   10 am North Melbourne 

17th  3pm-4.30  Eltham Bookshop Panel.'Inside Story' 

28th-30th   Society of Women Writers' festival. 

28th Juky 11am-12.30 Realistic Approaches to keep Writing in Difficult Times


2nd 11am 'Recollections' Launch, Hawthorn Community House.584 Glenferrie Rd.

5th PROV   10-1pm North Melbourne 

23-24th  10. 30 am BRISBANE  'Hijabi Girl the Musical' Premiere & book signings 

BOOK WEEK   Larrikin Puppets  


2nd  10-1pm PROV Nth Melbourne.

9th 10am  PROV Survivors Zoom.

18th Noon. Witty Women Lunch 


 7th PROV Nth Melb.


4th PROV Nth Melbourne 

10th Monash.


2nd PROV  Mini Book Launch