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Antarctic Literature 

Antarctic Hazel & Ship

 An Australian Antarctic Literature is beginning .

Tripfiction has just added Hazel's fiction to their map, which includes the new setting of Antarctica. For armchair travellers and others, Literary Tourism or reading fiction with real settings before, during or after their visit, intensifies the travel experience.' Antarctic Dad' and 'Antarctica's Frozen Chosen' are listed under Antarctica.

Since being a 2001 Antarctic expeditioner with the Australian Antarctic Division, Hazel has used the Antarctic setting in her writing for adults and children.Other Australian Antarctic expeditioner- writers & illustrators include  Coral TullochJesse Blackadder,  Alison Lester , Favel Parrett, John Long and David Day. Google their contributions to the new Antarctic Literature.

Antarctic Noir is the new crime genre set in Antarctica. (Louisa)  L.A.Larkin and Ann Turner have contributed to this.

Recently Sisters in Crime held an Antarctic Noir evening.

Readign Antarctica's Frozen Chosen

Many schools are studying Antarctica in varied formats and many adults are intrigued by the mystique.

Antarctic Vehicles: Character Point of View.pdf  Explores challenges of an author constructing an Antarctic vehicle

characters world for possible animation for young children.

Antarctic Writer on Ice Chopper RescueAntarctica's Frozen ChosenAntarctic DognappingRight or Wrong Antarctic Close UpHealthy Women

Hazel's Books With Antarctic Settings

Alchemy has links to where Hazel's e-books available to buy online.

Antarctic Dad

'Antarctic Dad'  picture book about parent working away for long periods. Wildlife. Illustrated by Kevin Burgemeestre. Republished by KipasBooks

Antarctica's Frozen Chosen, YA novel ( 13 plus) Young scientist faces eco-issues, mutiny and saying no to mates. Wildlife.

Antarctic Writer on ice, adventure memoir from 'older female'. Roles. Workstyle. pdf. Braille and audio.

Antarctic Close Up: based on telescope memorabilia from Mawson's 1911 expedtion in time jump faction for 10 year olds. 

'Right or Wrong': Plays to make You Think;  classroom scripts which include 'Antarctica Cool or What?' when Antarctic wildlife face a Threat.

Teachers' notes also available.

Shooting Antarctica; (Kindle only ) Adult literacy mystery RA 6.5

Antarctic Dognapping (Kindle only) easy reading about STAY, the fibre glass donation dog.

'Healthy Women' contains interview chapter with Antarctic station leader Marilyn Boydell.

'Chopper Rescue' contains Antarctic Fire, a short story with mentoring writing hints.

'Grandma Leaps Antarctica':  DVD with Auslan signing for hearing impaired. Includes 'The Antarctic Lachieberg' & 'My Gran's Gone to Antarctica'

Reading about the history and eco-science of Antarctica inspires new adventurers.

Hazel's Antarctic Book Covers

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