Hazel Edwards

“Creativity is the fun of putting
together unexpected ideas”

Appalachian Trail Magic


Challenges of BIG walks. Bill Bryson's film 'A Walk in the Woods' has wit, characterisation & scenery. But Trevelyan's 'Trail Magic' is told by an Australian THRU walker who finished the 5 month , 2184 mile Appalachian Trail &  went through 2 pairs of boots.  Plus experienced the kindnesses of strangers to travellers which is the meaning of Trail Magic.  

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Events & Appearances 2017

1st Fri each month   PROV 10-1pm  Mentoring & Finishing Book-Length Non Fiction.

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September 19th  YABBA   statewide online Virtual Author from  Mont Albert Primary

September 23rd  10.30-12. Dolly Parton Imagination Library event, Geelong Library.

September 26th  6-8 pm OAM event Knox Civic Centre 

October 6th 10-1pm PRO

October 13th   Hazelnuts Reunion lunch Mr & Miss 12.30  711 Whitehorse Rd.

October 20 th (Fri) 1-4pm  Colac Library ' Writing a Non Boring Family History'

October 31st   10 am YABBA AWARDS  Hampton Park Secondary

November 3rd 10-1pm PRO

December 1st  10-1pm PRO (Celebration of completed books)


March 24th  Goulburn Readers/Writers' Festival 

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