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Doco 'f2m; the boy within' on Youtube


Gender Diversity is controversial in YA books but fiction format initiates family discussion.Youtube Doco (15 mins) on Gender Transition in'coming of age' novel. Co-authors interviewed on reactions to their YA(Young Adult) novel 'f2m:the boy within' .Family friends, Ryan Kennedy is an ftm (female to male) and author Hazel Edwards is best known for 'There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake'  Kailash Studios psychologist Meredith Fuller asks about why fiction is so appropriate when discussing gender issues. 

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1st Fri each month   PROV 10-1pm  Mentoring & Finishing Book-Length Non Fiction.

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December 1st  10-1pm PRO (Celebration of completed books)


1st Friday in each month  10 am-1pm PROV Mentoring and Finishing Book Length Project

March 3rd Indian Fundraiser 

March 8th  Doncaster Library  Writing a Non Boring Family History

March 24th  Goulburn Readers/Writers' Festival 

April 20th (Fri) Hazelnuts

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