Aspiring Writers

Aspiring Writers

As a writer, you live more intensively, using participant-observation. You do things, using all senses, knowing you will write about them afterwards.”

Hazel’s three hints to aspiring writers are: “Write regularly. Persist. And always consider your reader – who are you writing for?”

  1. Writing During Isolation 
  2. Hazel’s Articles on ‘How to Write’
  3. Videos for Aspiring Writers
  4. Books and Workshops for Aspiring Writers 
  5. Useful links -Literary links & professional organisations

1.  Writing During Isolation

Try downloadable, free activities here.

1. Hazel’s 10 Minute Writing Challenge.pdf  Time limits.

2. Write a Birthday Story as a Gift for a Child in Your_Family.pdf

3. Compliments Jar.pdf  Cheer up with home-made compliments.

4. J’ Accuse.pdf  In Court. Water is on trial, accused of destroying people and property. Fun script to act/record.

5. River Snag Role-Playing Script.pdf  problem-solving, scripting & acting could take a week.

6. T for Title Story.pdf Link your favourite author’s titles into YOUR new story.

7. Scrabble Dog Cartoon Strip.pdf: design 3 frames about funny stuff during the Lockdown.

e.g. Dog poo with a difference when letters are eaten and dropped.

8. Pandemic Pet.pdf : Make up a pretend pet friend. Draw it. Picture book links.

9. Vegetable Garden of Guesses.pdf, Sample Clue: A sneaker near the beans = runner beans. Families are making veggie gardens, but this is VERY different. Give clues. Make guesses. Story provided.Illustrate it.

10.  Log It : Each day write ONE GOOD THING which happened around your place. Draw it. e.g. Go on an Alphabet Walk and identify an object for each letter a-z.

11. Family (10 minute) Gallery: Self-portrait in 10 minutes. Turn one wall into an art gallery. Each day, add 10 minute sketch  of a family member or a gift drawing for them.Add date.

12. Dance-Song: Exercise to your own dance song. Try Larrikin Puppets simple moves with catchy lyrics in ‘Dance Like a Unicorn’  Make puppets from ‘stuff’ around your place.

13. Making your own e-book series. Read one as a family serial  (sitting outside in fresh air). Then write your own ‘What happens next?’

Check here for activity sheets  and  Alchemy links to Hazel’s e-books. Start with ‘Astrid the Mind Reading Chook‘  a sleuth who rides a Harley.

Or ‘Project Spy Kids’ series, or the ‘Frequent Flyer Twins’ series.

Books help you travel anywhere.

14Simple Orienteering  (STEM activity) Map your house or garden. Mark 10 places with numbers. Jot numbered clues on list.

Suggest activity at each place e.g. Throw ball into bucket 3 times, with ‘other’ hand.

Re-use map with different clues. Easy reading , junior mysteries Gang O Kids were written when our family used to orienteer.

The ‘tech’ has dated, now we have GPS etc ,but the stories work. Make up new mysteries using these characters.

15. Young Brothers Jack and Harry published their own picture book ‘The Little Green Frog’ about resilience.

The frog keeps trying.

16.  Designer Book Mask

My kind neighbours designed me Hippo book masks.

Design your own.

2. Hazel’s Articles on How To Write

Writing for Different Purposes, Diverse Audiences and Getting Published 

Writing History

Different Writing Techniques

3. Videos for Aspiring Writers

From Seven Steps with thanks

4. Books and Workshops for Aspiring Writers

Anthologies give a taste of different stories and writers:  ‘Trust Me Too’,anthology contains  Hazel’s  satirical ‘Tag’ story about  tattoos, graffiti  and copyright. W.I.P.article about writing’Tag’ (60.41 KB) is a useful student or teacher resource. Third anthology ‘Rich and Rare’ , listed for CBCA Awards, includes Hazel’s ‘Scam’ story.

5. Useful links –Literary links & professional organisations

Australian Society Of Authors

National organisation for authors which provides contract advice, the stylefile showcase for illustrators and professional support. Suggested fees for author speaking, and information about rights such as ELR and PLR (Educational Lending Rights and Public Lending Right) and CA payments (Copyright Agency Licensing) which are important income sources for writers.

T 02 9211 1004

Suite C1.06 22-36 Mountain St Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia

CA- The Australian Copyright Management Company

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

International organisation of authors and illustrators which offers marketing and conferences.

Australian Chapter SCBWI 

Society of Women Writers (Vic) 

Encourages the enjoyment of writing whether beginners or published.

Useful links – Publishers of Hazel’s Books

Useful Links – Other Australian authors and illustrators

Listed below are other Australian authors and illustrators who write for children, young adults and other genres.