Authorpreneurship Session

Speaker Topics: Authorpreneurship, The Business of Creativity

In the business of creativity, the author is the brand. Writers and illustrators are solo operators in the business of ideas. This session is designed for aspiring and published writers, biographers, illustrators and those who have a professional attitude towards the publishing of their books and ideas.

The Full Day Authorpreneurship Session* covers

  • the project management of books and scripts for children or adults (fiction and non fiction)
  • book proposals
  • time and energy management
  • co-writing collaborations and partnerships
  • choosing an agent
  • handling success and rejection
  • publicity and PR
  • managing websites and social media
  • building your author brand

Participants should bring a current work-in-progress manuscript to use within the session.

Participant e-copies of ‘Authorpreneurship:The Business of Creativity’ available in lieu of notes.

*A condensed Half Day Authorpreneurship session is available on request