A Hairy Question

ISBN: 1-86509-327-0
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: Blake Education

Formats: Paperback

The Sparkler series is designed for newly independent readers

Reading Level: 22
Reading Age: 7+ yrs
Themes: friendship, coping with failure, swimming

Sparklers are chapter books with great stories and wonderful illustrations. As a series they bridge the gap between reading schemes and traditional chapter books.

Special Features:
– Character page – introduces the main characters in the story.
– Illustrated content page – a feature that can be used with students as a pre-reading entrance into the text.
– Author/Illustrator page – both author and illustrator answered the same list of questions student’s ask.
– Illustrated Glossary – dificult words are defined and illustrated in a two page glossary.
– Map page – a map of the place where the story takes place.
– Benchmark book – to provide opportunities to assess reading progress, comprehension and understanding, vocabulary development, personal response and recognizing features of a text type.

OAM Association Talk:
May 11th “Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author” Will be on You Tube soon.

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Student Resources:
Crafting an assignment on Hazel Edwards? Get tips for school projects, and her uniquely answered questions.

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