Antarctic Close-up

The Making Tracks series takes young readers on a fictional journey through some Australian stories,inspired by objects from the National Museum of Australia.

Other books in the series are based on museum objects such as a Chinese sewing basket from goldrush days, a convict coin and even an outside broadcast radio van from the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956.

Although Hazel Edwards went on an Antarctic expedition to Casey Station with the Australian Antarctic Division as writer-on-ice, in 2001, this story of today’s 10 year old John, is faction. Antarctic historical details are accurate. But a little electronic imagination has been added via the laptop web-cam.

John loves to fiddle with things but when he connects a broken web-cam to an old telescope,he is in for a shock.Suddenly he finds himself looking back in time, caught in a very ‘cool’ Antarctic adventure.

ISBN: 9781876944544
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: National Museum of Australia Press

Formats: Paperback

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