Today, a creator needs to be an ‘author-preneur’: an originator and an entrepreneur. Apart from crafting words or images for specific audiences, this means learning the marketing, publicity, technological, legal and entrepreneurial skills to establish and maintain self-employment in the business of ideas.

The author is the brand, which is overwhelming, if there’s only you.

This book offers strategies for beginners, mid-list and highly experienced creators needing to adapt to a fast-changing, digital, global industry. It’s about sharing ideas so you can work effectively at what you most enjoy creating, and providing ways to help sell your work for longer, in varied new formats and to larger audiences. Great ideas won’t reach audiences unless the creators can stay in business and survive financially.

Author-preneurship: the business of creativity will help you use your time and energy more effectively and see yourself as a small business. This practical book includes checklists, hints, case studies and hypothetical scenarios to help you explore the situations you might encounter as an author-preneur.

ISBN: 9781922607942
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: Amba Press

Formats: Paperback

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