Celebrant Sleuth: I do…or die!

Quinn, a celebrant with style and a few obsessions, but a good heart,solves quirky problems,mysteries and the occasional murder at weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies in her country town.

Ex-actor with a great voice who writes eulogies to die for! Not forgetting a few quotable ‘Quinn’s Laws of Relativity’ . A romantic, but asexual , Quinn lives with her long term partner Art who runs community Channel Zero.

The workstyle of a celebrant is never routine. Fake I.D. Fraud. Fights, even to the death ,over wills and inheritance.Mislaid rings.Lost bride. Food poisoning. Clients of various ages and cultures are well looked after.

Even vintage millionairess Flora with the much young lover who might be a con- artist.

Quinn solves most problems,but not always in the expected way.

ISBN: 9781925457711
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: BookPOD

Formats: Paperback and Audio
Audio: Kindle , Booktopia print & e copies, Alchemy links to Hazel’s e-books online for sale.


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The process of audio-recording my own published book, was a steep learning curve.

Check out my candid account What I’ve Learnt Audio-Recording CelebrantSleuth_.pdf

  • POTENTIAL for a FABULOUS TV Series J. Ditrich, Publishing consultant just back from NY Rights Fair.
  • ‘Timely too, with Marriage Equality…’ Susanne Gervay: Good Reads 5 stars.’
  • ‘…written in a pacy, modern way…’ Cel Jel  Good Reads.
  • ‘…just love the whole voice of this book…read the first paragraph and was hooked.’ Jen Mc Veity 
  • ‘…witty,funny, absorbing, fascinating… and only a few pages into it …’ Meredith Fuller, psychologist. 
  • ‘…Particularly relevant …was the inclusive and natural way in which gender diversity was explored and presented.’  Pam Russell
  • … BookPOD reviews
  • ‘…very visual, with a cast of interesting characters you could imagine adapting to television…’ 4 stars Good Reads  Pauline Luke,  Amazon.au 
  •  ‘…such an imaginative cast of characters, well researched, and in a retirement village! … Quinn, the sleuth deals with the teeming underbelly of  commitments, weddings and funerals …’ N.J. Galante.
  • ‘…Excellent for a book club discussion…’Carolyn Hirsh
  • ‘…cutting edge in exploring topical themes…’ Good Reads Julie Ditrich’s review.pdf
  • …Sisters in Crime review 
  • ‘… bite sized chapters make it an excellent choice for holiday reading’ Sarah Jackson Review Celebrant Sleuth.pdf

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