Committee-itis is an illness that can invade the body of a committee – or the body of a member of a committee. You may have committee-itis without even knowing it. Or you could be a “carrier”. Sometimes it’s highly visible, like a rash; other times it’s internal. Fortunately, there is preventative medicine, but that only works if you know the particular strand of developing committee infection developing and choose the right antidote.

This book offers suggestions to build up your committee’s immune system against such infections as rash decisions, outbreaks of resistance, fatigue or stress. “Committee fatigue” is reaching plague proportions and a regular injection of skills and enthusiasm may be necessary.

Committee-itis offers diagnoses and examines a range of remedies and survival strategies. It then moves on to explain various infection-avoidance techniques.

ISBN: 9781920705077
Author: Hazel Edwards & Jean Roberts

Formats: Paperback

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