Cycling Solo: Ireland to Istanbul

Many twenty- and thirty-somethings intend to “do” an extreme adventure, somewhere exotic, but most just dream or join the coach tour. Trevelyan Edwards dared to cycle or walk alone.

Cycling Solo: Ireland to Istanbul explores five months of cycling solo across Europe. From Ireland to Istanbul via the UK, France, Germany, the Swiss Alps, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey, with 9000 kilometres of forgettable camp-sites , punctures, falls and random kindnesses inbetween, this is a journey worth sharing, particularly when told with such candour.

Initially in a weblog format, his story has been edited and complemented by the occasional viewpoint of the family at home.

‘In ‘Cycling Solo’, Trevelyan has found his voice but the bike is in bits.’

Blogging is mind mapping, so cartographer Trevelyan is a candid observer as well as a survivor, camping on a budget of next- to- nothing .No watch. just a compass and a blog.

This quirky quest by an idiocyncratic writer has gained a cult following.

Aimed at those interested in adventure travel and imaginative problem solving, this book appeals to backpackers, travellers and those who enjoy ‘being there’. But the crafted short blog entries and ironic captions make it appealing for those who like a quick read.

ISBN: 1-920785-92-2
Co-Authors: Hazel Edwards  & Trevelyan Quest Edwards
Publisher: Brolga

Formats: Paperback

Co-writing techniques between son and mother interest other writers.(They’re still talking to each other) .

Blogging is the new autobiography, but ‘Cycling Solo:Ireland to Istanbul’ is not boring nor self-indulgent.


‘Well, I guess I am my namesake – ‘Quest’ is my real middle name. And my ‘real’ job back is Darwin is as a cartographer. I’m a bit of a dreamer but only a bit because I try to set goals, especially for the best dreams. I’m currently following one of my longest held dreams by travelling around the world & at the moment am stuck in Ireland kitting out a mountain bike with world domination in sight.’

Both Direction Signs

“I got a good photo of a sign in Zajecar pointing in two opposite directions to get to Knjazevac. If you follow the one to the left it brings you back to the same intersection so in a way the sign is correct but only when you stop following it.’

Good Reads;  Rhys Tate: ‘ It’s the kind of writing that might help an infrequent reader love books again.’

Get Ahead Kids: ‘Enticing readers via adventure’

Courtney McLennan
 ‘Lots Wife’ Monash University “confirms that the view from behind the handlebars is often far more enriching than from the bus seat…’a stunning journey and personal ‘quest,’ a fitting term which, as the co-author points out, is his ‘real middle name.’

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