Dramatics: A drama resource for primary teachers

This collection of drama activities for middle and upper primary is extremely varied from ‘Quickies’ to eventing on site. Excellent resource for encouraging team work, problem solving and negotiation, as well as learning by doing. Drama can simultaneously cover factual content, performance skills and achieve curriculum objectives.

  • Deals with important issues such as bullying, making it a particularly useful resource for schools.
  • The activities are designed to incorporate a variety of key learning areas, using drama as a vehicle for research
  • Activities include improvisation, creating catchy titles, short plays, sample texts, dramatic hints, adaptation of story to script, mine, dance and puppets.
  • Material ranges from choral scripts and multi-age ‘buddy’ scripts to community performance as well as flexible casting and easy props.
  • Level: Years 3-7
  • A companion resource to Enact Books 1-3 and Enact History
  • Has been used internationally especially in Sth Africa.

ISBN: 9781921454271
Author: Hazel Edwards and Goldie Alexander
Publisher: Phoenix Education Pty Ltd
Distributor: Five Senses Education

Format: Paperback

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