Friends: How to make and keep them

In our fast changing world, friends may last longer than lovers or even families.


  • Types of friendships
  • Making friends
  • Keeping friends.
  • Male and female friendships
  • Can men and women be ‘just friends’?
  • Do working friendships work?
  • Can you be friends with your ex?
  • When friendships don’t last.

Companion book to much reprinted and translated ‘Difficult Personalities’ (Penguin).

ISBN: 9780 9871575 91
Author: Hazel Edwards and Dr Helen McGrath
Publisher: Hazel Edwards

Formats: Kindle and eBook

The Age (Jane Cafarella) ‘Coffee and a chat? Pencil me in for October. Edwards & Mc Grath say friendships must be nurtured-despite busy schedules.’

The Age (Michele Hamer) ‘… detailed case studies offer tips on how to successfully combine friends,work and sexual relationships.’

CLEO (Allison Tait) ‘…friend is a shorthand term for relationship.’

Sunday Examiner Magazine: …important to decide what you expect from a friendship and what you re willing to give…

Sophie Toomey Sunday Herald Sun major feature on ‘True Friends’

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