Gang O Kids

This collection of short mysteries has the same cast of junior orienteers.

  • Jaimie- the -Brainy likes computer games.
  • Practical joker Tina is a fast runner.
  • Her twin, Emma, notices birds, animals and even yucky stuff. Both twins navigate well with a compass.
  • ‘Mars Bar’ Mario, loves finding facts and eating.
  • Kate, the youngest is the hardest trier.

Hazel Edwards likes writing about sport for new readers. Download writing_junior_sports_fiction_orienteering_gang_o_kids.pdf

‘Gang O Kids’ was written because she enjoyed family orienteering , but knows what D.N.F. means.

ISBN: 9780646488479
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: Omotivo Publishing

Formats: Paperback

  • You can find more resources and classroom ideas for all of Hazel’s Books by clicking through to the Teachers Resources Page.
  • ‘Gang O Kids’ has been used to model mystery writing by students, especially those for whom English is a second language

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Gang O Kids  is listed as approved reading on Premier’s Reading Challenges throughout Australia:

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