Hand Me Down Hippo

Tamworth Library holds a Hazel Edwards’ Week in connection with Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

They’ve author recorded a number of Hazel’s books but also ‘The Mud-Caked Hippo’ , an unpublished Hazel Edwards story read by librarian Amy for children to illustrate themselves. It’s a sequel to ‘Hand Me Down Hippo’ with the little female cousin hippo.

Youtube link here.

An innovation in library activities!

ISBN: 0-14350119-4 
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Formats: Paperback

To celebrate the anniversary of the original Hippopotamus book, Puffin created some fun Hippo Party materials. You can visit the Puffin website or download the items here.

The Little Big Book Club have also prepared a comprehensive Classroom Activity Sheet. Click here to download a copy

Hand Me Down Hippo can provide an imaginative and fun theme for the kindergarten, classroom and the school community as a whole. A range of resources are available for download below. Enjoy!

ou can find more resources and classroom ideas for all of Hazel’s Books by clicking through to the Teachers Resources Page.

Premier’s Reading Challenges

Hand Me Down Hippo is listed as approved reading on Premier’s Reading Challenges throughout Australia:

OAM Association Talk:
May 11th “Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author” Will be on You Tube soon.

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Student Resources:
Crafting an assignment on Hazel Edwards? Get tips for school projects, and her uniquely answered questions.

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