Like Me: Volume One & Volume Two

All stories link to the curriculum theme of ‘Like Me’.

School, home, family and where you fit concerns eight to ten year olds. Wanting to be like everybody else is common, but… we are all different. So a sense of humour helps.

And diverse viewpoints, even a cat, insect or a Reading Dog. The stories provide this experience.

Issues of handling differences, death, bravery, names and imaginative problem solving, using fun. Family issues such as fostering & visit day and where you fit in a changing family or school. All stories have been widely used.

A special collection from multi-award winning, Australian children’s author, Hazel Edwards.

ISBN: 9781760322397 / 9781760322403
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: Five Senses Education

Formats: Paperback

Volume Two has been performed for young audiences by Story Surprise on their

Spotify podcast with non-binary narrator Katie Long.

For educators,  there’s also a useful ‘behind the scenes’ fun and informative discussion about identity and pronouns on Youtube.

Check out  Writing “Like Me’pdf

Reading Dogs & Doggy Tales project. (Lachlan’s story is in ‘Like Me’. He’s the dog on the left.)

Mini launch at Diamond Valley Library.

Visit your local bookshop or these online retailers have copies available – and you can purchase online:

‘Very proud that a story (Ry the Wounded Warrior) was written about an experience I had.’  Student Ry’s 5 stars review.

OAM Association Talk:
May 11th “Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author” Will be on You Tube soon.

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Student Resources:
Crafting an assignment on Hazel Edwards? Get tips for school projects, and her uniquely answered questions.

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