Lost Voice of the Grand Final

It was the Grand Final on Saturday. Carrot the Parrot was the Coach for the Birds’ team. But he’d lost his voice. Sleuth Astrid had to find it, in time for the Grand Final because the team needed the Voice of the Coach. Was the Voice captured in the TV ‘Footy’ studio? Lost down his throat? Was a Voice Coach any use? What about the Speakeasy? Or the Voice-over on the TV Footy panel or on Talk-back? And then there’s the Bird Wedding of the Year. Carrot was supposed to be the MC (Master of Ceremonies). As usual, Sleuth Astrid the Mind-Reading Chook, solves the problem.

ISBN: 9780987157539
Author: Hazel Edwards
Illustrator: Jane Connory
Publisher: Hazel Edwards

Formats: Kindle

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  • Analyse how mysteries are structured
  • Develop characters
  • Sequence the story
  • Engage the reader

Design Your Own Sleuth

Classroom performance script sleuth_astrid.pdf: Useful activity based on the book. Flexible cast. Fun.


The language is direct and very readable. Quirky and clever.

‘I found ‘The Lost Voice of the Grand Final’ very intriguing.

I could read this e-book over and over again.’ Taylah (12)

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