My Hippopotamus is on our Caravan Roof Getting Sunburnt

The hippo shares a seaside holiday with the family, surfing waves, collecting shells, playing beach cricket from the caravan rooftop. And what does our imaginary hippo pack in his overnight bag? Cake, of course!

The Puffin Summer Stories Collection of Eight Favourite Picture books includes ‘My Hippopotamus is on Our Caravan Roof Getting Sunburnt’. Love the red ribbon place-marker.

Autographing at National Bookshop Day.

ISBN: 9780143501381 p/b
Illustrator: Deborah Niland
Publisher: Puffin Penguin Books Australia
Film Adaptation: Pocket Bonfire Film: World Premiere at St Kilda Film Festival & international screening at Edinburgh Film Festival.

Chinese translations: Children’s Publishing House of Sichuan Province
Format: Paperback


Visit your local bookshop or these online retailers have copies available now – just click through on the direct link and you can purchase online:

To celebrate the anniversary of the original Hippopotamus book, Puffin created some fun Hippo Party materials. Visit the Puffin website or download the items here.

The Hippopotamus series can provide an imaginative and fun theme for the kindergarten, classroom and the school community as a whole. A range of resources are available for download below. Enjoy!

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