Professor Fred Hollows

He became an eye doctor. He was passionate about treating preventable and curable eye diseases amongst the poorest people in Asia, Africa and the Australian outback. His dream was to restore sight to those who could least afford or access health care.

He started travelling hospitals on wheels, trained staff and worked with locals to develop lens factories and eye clinics.

Now there is the Fred Hollows Foundation, and other medical staff continue his work in outback communities, in Australia and overseas. Gabi Hollows, his wife continues their partnership to improve health in remote areas.

As a surgeon, operating on the eye, is a risky operation. Fred had the skill to remove cataracts, which are growths in the eye, blocking sight. But he also inspired others and was involved with indigenous medical services.

Professor Frederick Cossom Hollows was a man who received many awards before and after his death, but his greatest achievement was giving ‘vision’ to more than one million people around the world. He died in 1993.

Bourke in outback NSW has a memorial on Fred’s grave, as this place had special significance for him.

And many bus stops carry his message.

ISBN: 9781921042751
Author: Hazel Edwards
Illustrator: Pat Reynolds
Publisher: New Frontier

Formats: Paperback

Local bookshops or these online retailers have copies available now – and you can purchase online:

The Aussie Heroes series aimed at readers 10+ introduces heroes who have contributed to Australian society.

New Frontier Aussie Heroes series include Weary Dunlop, Dr Fred Hollows  and Edith Cowan, the quiet woman of note.

What Makes a Hero? Discussion Activity Use these points to discuss your hero.

  • ‘ Fred Hollows’ in junior history books recommended by mylittlebookcase
  •  ABC radio Canberra reviewed by Deb Abela
  •  Aussie Reviews excellent addition to school libraries
  •  Dee White Kids’ Book Capers  meticulously researched…very accessible’
  •  Readplus ‘recommended
  •  Herald Sun review April 28, 2012“Fred Hollows was an amazing man who stopped thousands of people from going blind. Hollows believed blindness was linked to poverty, so he came up with a way to make sure eye check-ups and and operations were not expensive in remote Australian,Asian and African communities. This story about Fred Hollows is part of the Aussie Heroes series.I recommend it for mid to late primary school students.” Verdict: Incredible.
  •  Buzz Words ‘encourage children to dream big’.
  • Kids’ Book Review Fred Hollows.pdf ‘encouraged to work hard to make a difference,as Fred did.’

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