Right or Wrong? Plays to Make You Think

This collection of five entertaining one act scripts questioning issues ranging from the management of Antarctica, to the idea of intellectual property.

  • ‘Antarctica- Cool or What?’ Who is responsiblle for Antarctica. An emergency session is in progress.
  • ‘Fairytale Casting Agency’ Can traditional actors reinvent themselves for the modern world?
  • ‘Reborn ‘How you have lived, decides whetehr you are sent ABOVE or BELOW
  • ‘Copyright or Wrong A song hits the charts. Who owns it-the musician? the lyricist? the audience?
  • ‘Insecta’ Should the disocevry of a new rare insect be kept secrte or exploited for commercial gain?
  • Suitable for classroom or stage
  • ‘Elastic’ casts, easy props and simple settings.
  • Teaching Resource Book also available from publisher
  • Level: Years 7-9
  • A companion resource to Enact Books 1-3, Enact History and Dramatics

ISBN: 9781876580339
Author: Hazel Edwards and Goldie Alexander
Publisher: Phoenix Education Pty Ltd
Distributor: Five Senses Education
Can be ordered from Five Senses 
Teachers’ Notes

Format: Pamphlet

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