Where Did The Idea Come from?

The author’s family has several redheads. So they’ve always been aware of protecting their skin from the sun.

But one Sports Day, her daughter got burnt and peeled.

Not as much as in ‘SkinZipped’ but … ideas for stories come from What if…?

ISBN: 9780992577704
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: Ebook Alchemy with availability on Kobo, Amazon and Booktopia

Formats: ePUB
Available as P.O.D.

  • Diversity
  • Skin Colour
  • Coping successfully with being different
  • Sunscreen.
  • Burns
  • Slip! Slop! Slap!
  • Medical research

‘Skin Zip Me’ was published by Roo Books in 1984 and dedicated to Kim, the author’s red haired daughter who inspired the story.

In 2021, due to fans requesting the long out- of- print book, to share with their families , Hazel Edwards decided to update , retitle as ‘ SkinZipped’ and re-issue as a digital book with Alchemy.

Imagine being a see-through person.

After too much sun, Edwina’s skin peels off.

Her skin has unzipped. But inside, she is the same.

By mistake , her skin went in the wash.

Unluckily, it shrank in the dryer .

Friends can see her body working, inside,

Especially when she eats beetroot or tomatoes.

Doctors test Edwina.

And filming the Giant Zips TV commercial is fun.

Her fee goes to research.

Inside, Edwina is just the same.

In seven years, she’ll have another skin.

Meanwhile, she likes looking different.

Ebook-Alchemy indicates where available.

Diversity In New Formats_.pdf (6.36 MB) When a fan wrote requesting to buy Hazel’s original but out-of-print  ‘Skin Zip Me'(1984)  for her children, the updated  ‘SkinZipped’ was re-born as an e-book. This explains the process.

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