Stickybeak (Korean)

‘Stickybeak’ has been read in international schools in Nepal, China, Balikpappan(Indonesia) , Japan, France, Canada, the USA and Korea because it’s structured for easy reading and often used for literacy as well as fun.

Korea Schweitzer published the Korean translation in 2004.


ISBN: 9780140541144

Author: Hazel Edwards  

Illustrator: Rosemary Wilson

PublisherPenguin Books Australia

Picture Puffin Imprint



Translations:  Korean & Braille

Featured in News Ltd Mini Books bag

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‘Stickybeak’ can provide an imaginative duck  or pet theme for the kindergarten, classroom and the school community as a whole.

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Premier’s Reading Challenges

Frequently shortlisted as a favourite, ‘Stickybeak’ is listed as approved reading on Premier’s Reading Challenges throughout Australia:

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