Wed,Then Dead on The Ghan

The train manager has devised an Agatha Christie role-playing mystery to attract international fans. Themed tourism is trending. Agatha Christie fans joke about ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.
Intriguingly, the ‘Wed, Then Dead on The Ghan ’ scenario offers opportunities to ‘dress up’ , find clues and act out the mystery while seeing wildlife and the stark eco-beauty of the desert.

Quinn deals with Scandinavian Book Club members passionate to see ‘kangaroos’, opal fraud, missing indigenous artifacts, inheritances and the mystique of long distance train travel.
Plus performing a wedding for the descendant of one of the original Ghans. ‘Wed, Then Dead on the Ghan’ is not quite what the roleplaying tourists expected. Fiction becomes fact.

Quinn, a celebrant with style and a few obsessions, but a good heart, solves quirky problems, mysteries and the occasional murder.

ISBN: 978-1-922270-20-7
PBK: 798-1-22270-21-4 (Mini print book)
Author: Hazel Edwards
Publisher: BookPOD

Formats: Kindle
Amazon Kindle 99 cents for e-book. FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Mini-sequel, set on iconic train ‘The Ghan’ en route for Darwin. Basis for the screen script with Geoffrey Wright for ABC

  • ‘Short,fun spoof on Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ as ‘Murder on the Ghan’   Susanne Gervay. Good Reads.
  •  ‘..delighted to re-live the highlights of my own journey (amazing landscape, thoughtful service, sensational food) as I turned the pages, cleverly woven into an Agatha Christie style plot.” 5 stars RobynKF  TripFiction.  Link to article

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