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“Creativity is the fun of putting
together unexpected ideas”

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P.R.O.V.  1st Friday each month  10-1pm   'Non Fiction, Book-length Projects'

January 6th 10-1pm Public Record Office, Nth Melbourne.

January 10th   U3A  Writing a Non Boring Memoir 

January 26th   Australia Day  Shrine of Remembrance OAM Assoc.

April 5th   4pm  Reading Dogs photo shoot  Thomastown Library 

April 10th   2pm Copyright Agency, State Library of Victoria

April 20th  10-3pm  Yarra Ranges Museum, Lilydale  'Writing a Non Boring History or Memoir'

April 22nd  12. noon  Fitzroy Chn Lit Festival.jpg Chairing Heroes panel

April 28th  12-1.30 pm Women Writers' launch. Ross House.

May 3rd  'Creativity Keynote'  Immigration Museum 

May 25 - 31st Darwin 

June 8th   6.30 pm Watsonia library. Book launch.

June 10th  Sat 10-1pm  Wordfest  Mount Waverley Library 'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir' 

June 13/14th  10-3pm  Yarram Library, SALE  Writing a Non Boring Family History  Book here. 

June 17th 10-1pm Brunswick Foundling Archive: Master Class.

June 23rd   1.25  Books in Homes Role Model: English Language School, Croydon North

July 12th Weds  Vic Writers Centre 10-4pm Authorpreneurship Book here. 

July 19th  Weds  12.30 Victorian Medical Women  Not Just a Piece of Cake:Being an Author

August 8th  Canberra  Chapman Primary evening.

August 12th  10-1pm Master Class Brunswick Foundling Archive

August 18th   11-12 Doncaster Library 'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir'

August 21st    Hume Grammar visit 11.30 

August 23rd (Weds) 11am  Date with 'Ollie' the Reading Dog Diamond Valley library, Greenborough

August 24th 2pm Beverley Hills Primary (Doncaster)

August 31st  1.30 -3pm Chelsea Library  'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir'

Sept 7th   11 am Whitehorse Primary

Sept 8-10th  HNSA Conference, Swinburne, Authopreneurship  Blog & Bookings 

Sept 16th    10-1pm  Yarra Glen Centre 'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir'

Sept 19th YABBA Virtual Author at Mont Albert Primary.

Sept 23rd  (Sat) 10.30-12.00 Dolly Parton Imagination Library , Geelong Library.

October 13th   Hazelnuts reunion lunch

October 20th (Fri) 1-4pm Colac  Writing a Non Boring Family History Colac Library Weekend of Family History 

October 31st  Swinburne Writers Festival 'Authorpreneurship'

November 2nd   8-9pm EST Picture Book BC  Webchat answering questions

November 17th  ex HSC Group

November 18th  Sisters in Crime , Swinburne 6-9pm


PRO 'Finish Your Book' yearlong masterclass 1st Friday 10-1pm at Public Record Office, Nth Melb.

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January 5th 

February 2  PRO
March 2  PRO

March 8th Doncaster Library

March 24th  Goulburn festival

April 6 PRO

April 20th (Fri)  Hazelnuts  12.30-2pm  Mr&Ms
May 4
June 1
July 6








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Events & Appearances 2017

1st Fri each month   PROV 10-1pm  Mentoring & Finishing Book-Length Non Fiction.

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December 1st  10-1pm PRO (Celebration of completed books)


1st Friday in each month  10 am-1pm PROV Mentoring and Finishing Book Length Project

March 3rd Indian Fundraiser 

March 8th  Doncaster Library  Writing a Non Boring Family History

March 24th  Goulburn Readers/Writers' Festival 

April 20th (Fri) Hazelnuts

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