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PROV 'Finish Your Book' yearlong master class , 1st Friday of each month, 10-1pm Public Record Office, North Melbourne.


Jan 4th is first class.


29th:  Soc of Women Writers 'Authorpreneurship' workshop.


14th  11am   Hawthorn Launch.


21st  Book Week:  12-1pm Kismet Park Primary (Sunbury) 


29th   YABBA Awards  Camberwell Girls' Grammar


Nov 10th  2-5pm  Non Boring Writing Workshop , Hawthorn


PRO 'Finish Your Book' year long masterclass 1st Friday 10-1pm at Public Record Office, Nth Melb.

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January 5th PRO

February 2nd  PRO

February 6th Dymocks Camberwell Tues Book Club 'Celebrant Sleuth' 6.30 Barolo Trattoria, 885 Burke Rd C'well.

February  14th   Avila College  'Writing techniques talk'.

February 17th   1.30  SCBWI Docklands.

February 27th  (Tues)  6.30-8 pm Vic Women's Centre 'Here She Is' re-launch

March 2  PRO

March 8th  2-3 pm The Pines Library 'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir'

March 13th   Watsonia Library 6-7 pm 

March 15th  8pm Deakin Uni:  writing students   Killburn, Glenferrie Rd.

March 21st   2.40 ABC Radio Afternoons, Canberra.

6.30 pm Celebrant Event  Camberwell Bowling Club

March 24th  Goulburn Readers & Writers' festival

April 6 PRO

April 10th   'Word of Mouth' Geelong 

April 27th    Society of Women Writers

April 30th  10-1pm Cranbourne East,  Balla Balla Community Centre  'Writing a Non Boring Family History'

May 4 PRO

May 9th Early Childhood Educators, VISY Cares Hub 80B Harvester Rd, Sunshine 10.30-12.30 (Dolly Parton Imagination Library Charity) 

May 22nd   2-3 pm Sackville Grange Kew 'Celebrant Sleuth' 

May 25th  11-2pm  Society of Women Writers 

June 1 PRO 

June 7th   5pm. Adelaide Early Childhood Educators' conference (Sth Adelaide Football Club) Noarlunga Downes.

June 15th 10-1pm Extra PROV class 

June 29th Society of Women Writers: Ross House.

July 6 PRO

July 11th : 11am Mini-Launch of 'Like Me'  by Reading Dog at Diamond Valley Library 

July 17th (Tues) 12-1.30 RACV Club 'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir'

July 20th  Sisters in Crime: 'Small Town, Big Secrets,, Murderous Intent' MC panel. Includes 'Celebrant Sleuth' 

July 24th  11-12  VUT Footscray  Nicholson Campus Room T 101  'Not Just a Piece of Cake' 

July 27th  Society of Women Writers   Dock

August 3rd PRO

August 4th  10-1pm  Port Phillip Heritage Centre   'Writing a Non Boring Family History' workshop

August 7th  12  Avila College book launch 

August 9th (Thurs) 10-1pm Mornington Library 'Writing a Non-Boring Family History or Memoir'

August 18th (Sat) 10-1pm Prahran Mechanics Institute  'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir'

August 27th (Mon)   Berwick Lodge Primary 

August 31st   11 am Society of Women Writers (Vic)   Alice Awards   Library at the Dock

September 1   10-1pm Yarra Glen workshop 'Authorpreneurship'

September 3rd   Oakleigh Primary Arts Festival 

September 7th PRO

October 5th  PRO

October 8th   10 am Brighton Book Club 'Celebrant Sleuth' 

October 11th 1-2.30 Parkdale Library  'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir Workshop

October 12th   11am-12.30  Wheelers Centre  'Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir'

October 30th   10am YABBA  Mernda Central College,Breadalbane Ave.

November 2nd    PRO 

November 8th  1.00-2.30pm  Parkdale Library Writing a Non Boring Family History or Memoir   Workshop

November 18th  'Conjugated Stalking' play 4pm Caulfield.

November 21st 12. OAM lunch William Angliss, 550 Little Lonsdale St

November 25th   1.30 Autographing 'Hippos'  Benn's Bookshop, Bentleigh

November 28th   2.10   Orchard Grove Primary performance of 'Ho! Ho! Ho! There's a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Christmas Cake.'

November 30th 2-3pm Libraries Change Lives Campaign  Box Hill Library.

December 4th  DYMOCKS Camberwell 'Ho Ho Ho Hippo' Christmas signing.

December 5th  2pm Berwick Lodge webchat

December 7th   PROV  launch of completed books

December 11th  ASA Xmas party  124 Latrobe St.

December 14th  11am  MidwifeCath podcast







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Events & Appearances 2018

1st Fri each month   PROV 10-1pm  Masterclass: Finishing Book-Length Non Fiction.

2019 ( booking & info here)  

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2019 PROV Master Class  starts Jan 4th


1st  PROV


1st PROV 

19th  Monash, Clayton 6.30

29th (Friday)   11 am Society of Women Writers 'Authorpreneurship' workshop 


5th PROV


3rd PROV

14th   11am   Literary Awards Lunch Hawthorn 


7th PROV


5th PROV


2nd PROV

21st  Book Week:   12-1pm  Kismet Park Primary (Sunbury) 


6th PROV


4th PROV

29th YABBA Awards  Camberwell Girls Grammar.


1st PROV

Nov  10th  2-5pm  Non- Boring Writing Workshop, Hawthorn 


6th PROV