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“Creativity is the fun of putting
together unexpected ideas”

Free Downloadable Scripts:

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Hazel scripts for theatre, TV and audio, but classroom performances are the most fun. 

As an author-educator  and keen on literacy, Hazel Edwards has made some of her popular classroom scripts available for downloading and use in the classroom.

Some are linked to her books. Others are 'generic' for any age. Can be simply performed , audio only , filmed or with lots of dressing up. Your choice.

Because a 'chorus' is often used, most can be performed by casts of varied sizes and reading abilities.

Literacy improves quickly when there's a reason for reading or performing the words. And it's fun. 

'Making a Killing at the Pokies' 

Cover; Making a Killing at the Pokies

Despite a suspicious death,gambling  tackled with satirical humour 

and opportunity to discuss issues afterwards.

Download script  Making a Killing at the Pokies.pdf (222.91 KB)

'Making an 'L' of a Difference'

An L of a Difference

'L' isn't just for the teenage Learner driver, but for Mum learning to read.

Has been broadcast on Radio RPH Melbourne.

Download script  (big file) An L of a Difference.pdf (2.98 MB)

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Private online mentoring 'Complete Your Book in a Year' 

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PROV 'Complete Your Book in a Year' starts on first Friday of each month from February, 10am-1pm. North Melb Archives.

Flexibility to go online.


23rd - 28th   DARWIN

31st PROV ( substitute for April) 


4th ACER Teachers' podcast 'Grief and Loss in  Schools'

5th PROV 

11th Thurs 5.30 pm OAM Association : Zoom 'Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author' 

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22nd  Author Lunch ( AMBA)


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