Hazel’s Videos

Many requests for online readings of Hazel’s picture books, so grouping them here. 

Readings of Hazel’s Picture Books 

On Youtube, Fiona Mc Intosh reads the 40th anniversary ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’

On Kidspot, Jimmy Giggle reads ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’

He starts Hippo at about the 8:50 mark.

Seven Steps:  Hazel reading extracts from   ‘Look, There’s a Hippopotamus

in the Playground Eating Cake‘ and explaining the crafting.

 Hey Hippopotamus, Do Babies Eat Cake Too?

For Emerging Writers – Hazel Edwards on Writers Notebook

Part One – Tips for Emerging Writers

Part Two – Character Development

Part Three – Where Ideas Come From

Guess What? There’s a HIPPOPOTAMUS on the Hospital Roof Eating Cake!

A parent of a young special- needs child, recorded

Guess What There’s a Hippopotamus on the Hospital Roof Eating Cake

to reassure during numerous hospital visits.