Just for Kids

Just for Kids

Just for Kids

Meet the Hippo and ask him your own questions!

The Hippopotamus on Our Roof is asked lots of questions. Here are his answers.

Q1. I haven’t got a friend. Will you come and sit on my roof?
A1. Yes. If you invite me.

Q2. What kind of cake is it?
A2. Special cake. You have to imagine your own favourite.

Q3. My Mum went to Weight Watchers to lose weight. Don’t you think you should stop eating so much cake?
A3. I also eat fish cakes.

Q4. Do you talk?
A4. Only to those who listen.

Q5. Did your bum get sunburnt when you didn’t fit under the umbrella?
A5. You can check the illustration in the book, My Hippopotamus is on Our Caravan Roof Getting Sunburnt

Q6. When they put on the seatbelts, there were three clicks and four people, Why?.
A6. Maybe two clicked at once? Three of anything always works better in a story. My seatbelt just clicks over my tummy.

Q7. What’s the name of the baby? Is it a boy or a girl?
A7. What do you think? One reader thought it was called ‘Just Right’.

Q8. I went to hospital in an ambulance. But there was no hippo on the roof of mine. Where were you?
A8. I was directing traffic. At the hospital, I was telling doctors what to do.

Q9. Do you draw pictures of yourself?
A9. No. Deborah Niland drew me. I have a special number of toes which are different from other hippos.

Q10. Why aren’t you in the holiday photos?
A10. I’m shy. I don’t always fit in.

Q11. Do you play soccer on the roof? I like soccer best
A11. I play football… It could be Aussie Rules, rugby union or league or gridiron. D’you think it looks like soccer? I play all positions. Even referee and umpire.

More details in  memoir ‘Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author

Illustrator Deborah Niland has Hippo themed library bags, at Redbubble.

Colour in the Hippo!

Click here to download the Hippopotamus Colouring In Sheet

Host your own Hippo Party!

To celebrate the significant anniversary of the original Hippopotamus book, Puffin created some fun Hippo Party materials. Download the items here.

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