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Mum on Wheels

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Title: Mum on Wheels



P.O.D. also available

Author:Hazel Edwards 

Publisher: Ebook Alchemy  linking to  availabilty online including Kobo, Amazon & Booktopia.


History of This Book

Vintage author Hazel Edwards often gets fan mail about her early books which adult readers now want to share with their families.

 'Mum on Wheels'  (Hodder and Stoughton 1980 ) was Hazel's first junior fiction published in the same year as ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’.

It was inspired by her cousin John who was in a wheelchair and dedicated to him.

What's The Story About? 

When Mum comes home from hospital in a wheelchair, Leanne and her grandfather have to do things differently. After a birthday party, with Mr Magic, Leanne has a great idea for Mum.

This updated version shows how the importance of problem-solving via ‘good’ ideas remains. Even if words change.

Age appropriate? 

For readers just starting with chapter books. But the ideas are for all ages.

Black Cat  Magic the Cat

Discussion Starters:

  • Many Para Olympic athletes perform in wheelchairs. Find out about the different sports played e.g. wheelchair rugby.
  • If you were a designer, what devices would you include on your latest wheelchair ?  What problems might these solve for a real wheelchair user?
  • Borrow a wheelchair, and use it for one day. What changes need to be made in your area to make places more accessible for wheels?
  • Design a special number plate for the wheelchair.
  • Do you need  L plates for a wheelchair when you are just learning to use it? 
  • What's the difference between 'disability' and diffability'? If 'diffability' just means you do things differently but you still do them...

Curriculum Relevance?

  • Disability
  • Art and design
  • Sport
  • Like me


Diversity In New Formats_.pdf (6.36 MB) For educators , why creating ebooks from favourite out- of- print books

like 'Mum on Wheels' is relevant.

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