Non Boring Travel Writing

No more boring ‘Let me show you’ shows! Learn how to capture your travel experiences into engaging accounts that people want to read!

Suitable for all travellers who want to record their experiences for family, friends or commercial purposes.

Hazel’s Non-Boring Travel Writing Workshop explores topics such as

  • Using anecdotes – how to research, write, record and verify on the move
  • Titles that entice.
  • Structuring your material for books, articles and blogs
  • How to write using subjective or objective viewpoints
  • Creating a sense of place with words
  • Researching and interviewing Skills
  • Image selection and captions
  • Idea gathering and controversial research
  • Unusual angles on common destinations
  • Controlling tone and humour
  • Dual use of material – for different audiences
  • Round up Articles
  • Use-by Dates Is it current affair or vintage history?

The workshop is based on the  e-book ‘Non Boring Travel Writing’ which contains further activities.

The revised,digital edition of ‘Non Boring Travel Writing’ is available from Alchemy or [email protected]

Can also be a one hour lunchtime talk.


Good_Reads.pdf  5 stars

Lots of tips and exercises…chances of getting published (and paid!)