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Catch up with the latest photos from Hazel’s recent events.


Authorpreneurship’ ‘In Conversation’ preparation

with Amba Press publisher Alicia Cohen


OAM Association Zoom ‘Not Just a Piece of Cake:Being an Author’

Hazel speaking about workstyle of longterm author. Youtube soon.

International Women’s Day

Kim & Hazel Edwards, daughter-mother IWD breakfast speaking date.

Juvenilia Travelling Exhibition at Euroa Library

Early drafts of later books. Such a big enthusiastic crowd.


Monash University Distinguished Alumni Award: Education 2022

Stimulating dinner chats as part of Monash University Distinguished Alumni Awards.Such a privilege after 2 years of Lockdown isolation.Thrilled to accept award.


I think it’s a compliment when eldest grandson explains , at my request, the meanings of ‘gaslighting’ , ‘ghosting’ and ‘ woke” and says I’m probably ‘woke’. A grandma compliment?

Alice Award Shortlisting

The Society of Women Writers in all states, nominate nationally for the Alice Award, started by philanthropist Alice Booth.

Delighted to be nominated. And congratulations to Jackie French who won the Alice for 2022.

Hazel Restaurant 

My family, on an Arts Cutural Buildings Walk,serendipitously found this in Melbourne’s Theatre District

Wagner Opera Books Bequest

Bequest to Melbourne Wagner Society of Garnet Edwards’ library of Wagnerian Opera books.

Doco Panel for  ‘Home Truths’ directed by Meredith Fuller OAM 

Contributed strategies on cathartic writing about trauma such as domestic violence.

Others talked of anti- violence strategies and importance of role models.

Minister for Creative Industries  & 40th Anniversary

Abbotsford Primary dual language  Chinese/English school celebrating 40th year of artists in schools with

Danny Pearson, Minister for Creative industries. Educator Aileen Hall taught schoolbiy Stanley Wang, who is now Principal.

Early seeds of ideas can influence longterm.,-musicians,-performers-take-up-residency-in-schools

Darwin Airport Daycare Reading of Hippo for Grandsons 

Dad Trevelyan was the original 4 year old who inspired ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof eating Cake.

Now his children are the same age and read the book too.


BOOK WEEK Kingston Butter Factory Theatre Precinct Brisbane



Why Tamil Translation of first Australian YA book for Tamil youth, matters.

Australian Book Lovers 

Interview about audio book from ‘Voices of Today’ producer, narrator and author perspectives.

Chatting about ‘Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author’ (AUDIBLE)

Archibald Entry ‘The Orange Roughie’

Psychologist-artist Christine Ellingworth entered my portrait for the 2021 Archibald etc.

Didn’t win but… Meet ‘The Orange Roughie’ which is the affectionate name which Antarctic Expeditioners

gave to the three red haired female writers who went on different expeditions (Dr Jessie Blackadder, Favel

Parrett and Hazel Edwards) to Antarctica.

Feb 14th is Library Lovers’ Day.

As an author and readaholic, I salute librarians.

Victorian Women’s Trust

Victorian Women’s Trust  supports innovative social justice and business opportunities and also lists

skilled women with their bios.

photo credit:  Say_ Heidi

Audio of Hazel’s Memoir Available

(Voices of Today)

Check Hazel’s memoir book page, to discover daily updates on audio availability online.

Audio: AUDIBLE KobeScribd , Google Play

Alchemy lists Hazel’s e-books to buy online. Recent podcasts including The Regular.

Fun hippo music intro., but relevant for aspiring adult writers too. Re-Printing soon.

Australia Reads Ambassador 

Sept 14th is Read Around Australia Day

Dear Arlo:  Children in Quarantine

Relevant for children remote-learning too.

nitiated by Larrikin Puppeteers, ten top ANZ children’s entertainers donated via wifi,

‘Dance Like a Unicorn’  , fun activities (with no props) and exercises for young chlldren in quarantine at Howard Springs in Darwin.

Dear Arlo  So generous at a time when arts practitioners are Covid struggling too.

Tamil Translation Zoom Celebrating work of late Cre-A Ramakrishnan 

Ramakrishnan published ‘Fake .I.D.’, the first YA novel Chennai publisher Cre-A translated for Tamil youth.

Translator Meenakshi Hariharan explained challenges of  Australianisms.

Researching Westall 66 UFO with George Ivanoff

Researching Westall66 at Grange Reserve UFO Playground with George Ivanoff

Hazel Edwards taught at Westall High during the supposed sighting.

‘Complete Your Book in a Year’

Online mentoring has replaced the PROV f2f classes due to Covid.

Print and e-book (BookPod) very popular during Pandemic.

Some have completed their books.

Celebrating ‘masked’ hippo’s 40th & Puffin’s 80th

Pandemic ‘Hippo’ Mask

My wonderful neighbour Mary made me a ‘hippo’ mask.

And her husband designed one for me too.

‘For the hippo who can’t eat cake,’ joked a colleague.

Aussie Rules Footy Puppet

Larrikin Puppeteers’ Aussie Rules football puppet for  ‘Hijabi Girl‘ a musical post-Pandemic.

Tamworth Library: Hazel Edwards’ Week

Readings of Hazel’s picture books (Youtube) now too.

Hippo Author, Son Who Inspired Book (40 years ago)  and grandson

40th anniversary of ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake’

so , poignant to celebrate three generations with the author Hazel

Edwards and Trevelyan who inspired the book, reading to his son.

The Ghan Research

Mini-print copies of ‘Wed, then Dead on the Ghan’ arrive.

Currently being adapted for other mediums.

‘No Regard for the Truth’ Launch at PROV

First-time author Darren Arnott, BookPOD publisher and Hazel Edwards who launched

the story of WW2 Italian POW camp at Rowville which was crafted in PROV ‘Complete

Your Book in a Year’ workshop. Commended in 2020 Community History Awards.

STEM Prof Marilyn Freer & Play Lab at Monash Uni

Encouraging early childhood scientists & engineers. International, simultaneous launch.

Maybe young engineers will solve the drip from the cake-eating hippo’s roof? (Lara Mc Kinley photo)


Chennai Consul- General launches Tamil translation of Fake I.D.


Timely Release: Same month. Same Sex Marriage Laws.

Asexual sleuth and celebrant Quinn. Print & e book, soon on Audible.

YABBA 2017 Graham Davey Citation

Memorable storyteller Graham Davey started YABBA Awards to encourage

students to read Australian authors & illustrators.(George Ivanoff photo).

Thousands participated this year. Details

Recording ‘Hijabi Girl’ at Vision Australia Studio

Reading Dog Ambassadors

Yarra Plenty Libraries’ volunteer Reading Dogs to encourage children’s reading.

Initiated by Marlies of Diamond Valley Library.

‘Antarctic Noir’ Panel (Sisters in Crime)

with L.A.Larkin (Louisa) and Ann Turner

Mackay 83rd Performance ‘Hippo Hippo the Musical’ cast 

Hippo! Hippo the Musical: Rehearsal

Darwin ‘Trail Magic’ Launch at Nightcliff Aquatic Centre.HOT but COOL launch! (Sixty more guests in the shade off camera having a drink before ice melted a second time!)

Co-authors Trevelyan & Hazel Edwards autographing.

OAM for Literature at Government House

Hazel with Governor Alex Chernov, OAM Awards

Government House  OAM Investiture

Receiving the OAM (Order of Australia Medal) for Services to Literature at Government House.

National Year of Reading Ambassadors: Canberra

A Trio of Reading Ambassadors: Tania Mc Cartney, Hazel & Anita Heiss

Canberra Readers’ Festival

2012 National Year of Reading launch at Bialik College with patron William Mc Innes, and ambassadors Alison Lester.

Cast & Crew Screening of the Hippo Movie

Pocket Bonfire Productions have interpreted the book “There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake” for the silver screen. For more details about the movie and international screenings in Edinburgh, Washington etc, visit the Pocket Bonfire website and preview the trailer. Hazel pictured with producer Joel and director-writer Jaime at the crew & cast preview. Hazel also with mother & daughter Hippo fans

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