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Picture Book Activity Apps

Families at home more during Lockdown have enjoyed Hazel's vintage picture book activities in a new digital games format.

Can be shared on smart phones, tablets and in classrooms.

Available in Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and German.



Hazel's Trio of Picture Book Apps

The Hundreds and Thousands Kid

Quintana sees people in the shape of numbers. She figures out answers to problems. A story to encourage creative maths problem-solving.

Quintana is The Hundreds and Thousands Kid , who is five shaped. Inspired originally by author's daughter Kim. She is the model in the artwork.

Illustrator:  Rosemary Wilson

Developed by Tiny Tap.

Not Lost, Just Somewhere Else  (For ages 3+)

Not Lost, Just Somewhere Else   

'Not Lost, Just Somewhere Else' is from the quirky viewpoint of a child. How can things be lost, if they are still around? Somewhere else? And how can you be lost if you are with yourself? Even Gran's memory is still somewhere.

Illustrator: Leanne Argent

Developed by Tiny Tap.

Fish & Chips & Jaws (For ages 3+)

Picture Book Apps  

'Fish & Chips & Jaws' is a trio of pet goldfish with attitude.

Before 3 goldfish came to live at home, Mum thought all goldfish were boring. Using Tinytap's sound board, reading and question pages, kids can learn just how fun pet fish can be!

Illustrator: Rae Dale.

Developed by: Tiny Tap. 

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Events & Appearances 2022

Private online mentoring 'Complete Your Book in a Year' 

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PROV 'Complete Your Book in a Year' starts on first Friday of each month, 10am-1pm. North Melb Archives.

Flexibility to go online.


1st  PROV   10 am North Melbourne 

17th  3pm-4.30  Eltham Bookshop Panel.'Inside Story' 

28th-30th   Society of Women Writers' festival. 

28th Juky 11am-12.30 Realistic Approaches to keep Writing in Difficult Times


2nd 11am 'Recollections' Launch, Hawthorn Community House.584 Glenferrie Rd.

5th PROV   10-1pm North Melbourne 

23-24th  10. 30 am BRISBANE  'Hijabi Girl the Musical' Premiere & book signings 

BOOK WEEK   Larrikin Puppets  


2nd  10-1pm PROV Nth Melbourne.

9th 10am  PROV Survivors Zoom.

18th Noon. Witty Women Lunch 


 7th PROV Nth Melb.


4th PROV Nth Melbourne 

10th Monash.


2nd PROV  Mini Book Launch