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Looking for curriculum themes, classroom activities or preparing a school arts festival? Here are teacher notes encompass specific texts, curriculum themes related to Hazel’s books like Antarctica and the Hippopotamus, as well as classroom ideas, activities, and scripts with drama resources.

Explore an author visit from Hazel or participate in an online author webchat for your class, while also being able to access several of Hazel’s e-books through Alchemy, which provides book-page details and links to online retailers like Amazon.

The Finding Folder for Hazel Edwards’ at the NCACL (National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature) has the most extensive bibliography (44pages) of all Hazel’s literary papers.

Teacher Resources

Widely used for students working remotely. Curriculum themes provided, plus ideas for everyday literacy activities.

  • E-books
  • E-book Literacy Mystery series
  • Class performance scripts
  • Antarctica
  • Cake-Eating Hippo Activities
  • YA Novel activities

Check Videos for recent author-readings of Hazel’s books.

Check Aspiring Writers for activities.

Check Free Downloadable Scripts

Podcasts like The Regular which discusses the process of author, narrator and producer working on audio memoir Not Just a Piece of Cake; Being an Author



Some libraries use only one platform SO please check Alchemy which links to where Hazel’s e-books for various ages can be bought online including Amazon, Google or Booktopia.

AND detailed page of information and cover per title such as Fake I.D. of interest to family historians  and which is also available at Booktopia.

SkinZippedand Mum on Wheels for junior readers of  chapter books.

Cre-A Publisher Tamil translation of ‘Fake.I.D.


Kindle carries some of Hazel’s e-books for different aged readers.

Duty Free  and Misfit  are e-books for mid/upper primary. ‘Misfit’ deals with ‘being different’ in a religious school .

‘Duty Free’ is a travel mystery set in China with a 14 year old sleuth.

Both deal with ethical dilemmas.

Beginning readers may enjoy the simpler e-books:

Night Creatures of the Mall is a  simple mystery for beginner readers.

Water Bandits , a photo story, has watch-geese at the French Mill & a tri-lingual cat who stops the water bandits.

E-Book Literacy Mystery Series

‘The Frequent Flyer Twins’ and ‘Project Spy Kids’ e series are available via Alchemy. The ‘Project Spy Kids’ series stars 10 year old Art, a cool problem-solver who only reads clues. ‘The Frequent Flyer Twins’ are Asian-Australian twins who solve mysteries at various international airports. Activities linked to these series are available for download below:

Design Your Own Mystery Work Sheets

These activity sheets ,with reading outcomes, encourage students to craft their own mystery using the characters from the Frequent Flyer Twins series and introducing their own plot, clues, locations and motives.

Create Your Own T-Shirts

Fun Activity Sheets

Class Performance Scripts

Class Performance Scripts

Check under each book page to see if Hazel has a performance script for that book.

e.g.   Sleuth Astrid e-series & class script

A quirky mind-reading chook who solves mysteries.

Free Downloadable Literacy Scripts

Click FREE DOWNLOADABLE SCRIPTS for more details and actual scripts.

For adult and adolescent LITERACY activities, here are three performance scripts.

The Parts of Speech TV Show
Making a Killing at the Pokies
An L of a Difference

Published Scripts:

Hazel also has classroom scripts published in book form. To view the scripts currently available, click through to Classroom Scripts.


The co-written Dramatics is a comprehensive drama resource for primary teachers (years 3-6).

This book includes scripts and activities such as creating catchy titles, improvisation and puppet scripts.

Cake-Eating Hippopotamus Activities

There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake provides an imaginative theme for a kindergarten, classroom or school community.

When Hippo turned 40 and many hippo biscuits appeared,even Vegemite ones. Design your own.

To celebrate the anniversary of the original Hippopotamus book ( now 40) , Puffin created some fun Hippo Party materials. Visit the Puffin website or download the items here.

Chinese translations of all six picture books:  Children’s Publishing House of Sichuan Province

AudioBook of all Hippo stories and music  Bolinda Audio/Audible

‘Hippo!Hippo! The Musical’ by Garry Ginivan Productions toured nationally.

The Book Muse: interview with original publisher who ‘found’ the hippo manuscript in 1980.

Young Adult Novel Activities

Designed for male and female readers, aged 13 to 26, Hazel’s young adult (YA) fiction titles explore growing up in challenging or adventurous circumstances.

‘Outback Ferals’ has a PANDEMIC threat, so is now very topical. Try a book rap.

From  ‘Trail Magic ‘kindnesses while Trekking or Cycling Solo to ‘Difficult Personalities‘ ,

Hazel’s non fiction titles can inspire classroom discussion and curriculum themes.

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