Antarctic Dad

ISBN:  9780648289302 (P/B)

Author: Hazel Edwards  

Illustrator: Kevin Burgemeestre

PublisherKipas Books  2018

Format: Paperback, Kindle

First published Lothian 2006 (hardback)

ISBN 9780734408501

Alchemy links to where Hazel’s books available online.

To encourage Literary Tourism, Tripfiction has listed all Hazel’s Antarctic fiction for travellers to read before, during or after their visit.  Armchair travellers can also gain from reading stories set in the actual locations.

Visit your local bookshop or these online retailers have copies available now – just click through on the direct link and you can purchase online:

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Hazel’s other Antarctic books include  the YA novel Antarctica’s Frozen Chosen, a play in Right or Wrong, and the diary ‘Antarctic Writer on ice’ . Antarctic Close Up provides an historical perspective around a telescope from the 1912 Mawson expedition.

Available on Kindle are ‘Antarctic Dognapping‘ about STAY, the last dog and ‘Shooting Antarctica’ an easy to read mystery for adult literacy.

Visit the Australian Antarctic Division website for links to the actual bases.

Check out Youtube clip of Hazel reading ‘Antarctic Dad’.

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May 11th “Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author” Will be on You Tube soon.

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Crafting an assignment on Hazel Edwards? Get tips for school projects, and her uniquely answered questions

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